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Why do many cross-sea bridges have to be built?

We all know that the line will be shorter than the curve. In principle, if you build a straight line, you can save a lot of money and manpower. But engineers prefer to build a curved cross-sea bridge with human and financial resources. This is naturally for a reason.

Why do many cross-sea bridges have to be built?-3trivia
Why do many cross-sea bridges have to be built?

First of all, the sea is no more than land, and there is too much instability in the sea. Due to the influence of weather, current, waves, etc., the sea surface may change at any time. The ability of a straight line to be impacted by the waves will be much worse than the curve. Moreover, the relative stability of the curve is better, and the impact is much stronger. When the waves strike, the curve can withstand it.

Secondly, the seabed is covered with various rocks, hitting the rocks, and being pitted, extremely dangerous. If the bridge is designed as a straight line, it may be inevitable to touch the rocks. But if it's a curve design, it's good to avoid these potential dangers.

Third, a large part of the annual traffic accidents are caused by the driver's fatigue driving. Because these cross-sea bridges are relatively long and have a wide field of view, drivers who drive are driving on the road for a long time, which is prone to visual fatigue. If it is a straight bridge, the driver sees only a scene and may soon feel tired. However, if you change to a curved bridge, you will have to turn a corner and turn a corner from time to time, then the driver naturally does not dare to relax, and must concentrate on the road. This also reduces the occurrence of traffic accidents.


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