The rivalry between the soccer teams of England and Russia is no joke. During a 2016 match in France, fans from both countries ended the event in a bloody brawl. So, in Moscow, a robot was created to protect fans at the FIFA World Cup and make them feel more secure. The friendly robot is named Alantim.

About the trivia of the machine, Funeral Held For Robot After Violent Beating
About the trivia of the machine, Funeral Held For Robot After Violent Beating

In a promotional video, Alantim says, “There’s nothing to be afraid of, I’ll protect you. I promise to escort you in Moscow and keep you away from any problems.”

Alantim speaks both English and Russian. It helps with information and directions. It even entertains. The robot is able to contact the police instantly, but its most advanced feature is an ability to predict conflicts from the surrounding crowd before a situation escalates.

Before the robot could fulfill its purpose, a man viciously charged Alantim with a baseball bat. He kicked it to the ground and bashed in its head while the robot pleaded for help.[

Sadly, Alantim could not be revived after the attack. This incident prompted Olga Budnik, a spokesperson for the Muscovite tech hub Phystechpark, to create the world’s first robot cemetery. She didn’t want to simply plop the robot parts into the trash bin, so she made a space for people to be able to say goodbye.

Budnik said, “Alantim was a really good robot. It was supportive, always polite, always happy to see you. You know, like a pet.” Alantim was worth about $10,000.

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