If you thought WALL-E was the cutest robot around, then you obviously haven’t met Pepper. It is human-sized but a little on the shorter side with a mermaid fin for a leg. Between the adorable voice, sound effects, little cartoon smile, and big blue eyes, it’s hard not to fall in love.

About the trivia of the machine:Assaulting Pepper
About the trivia of the machine:Assaulting Pepper

It’s also programmed to understand and respond to human emotions. A tablet attached to its midsection is used to demonstrate how it’s “feeling.” This robot assistant sold out in just one minute.[8]

However, some seem to be immune to the robot’s charm. While shopping in a SoftBank Corp. store, a drunken customer kicked and beat up Pepper in a whirlwind of fury. This particular Pepper clone moves a little slower these days but is otherwise all right.

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