Speaking of gliders, you might think of a glider that can fly freely in the air, or a water glider that rides on the water in the innocent sea. However, the glider we talk about today is different from the two, it can be in the deep sea. The “flying” water glider.

Glider trivia:What is a deep sea glider?
Glider trivia:What is a deep sea glider?

As early as 2017, the “Sea Wing” deep-sea glider independently developed by China completed an incredible deep depth dive observation mission in the human Mariana Trench and was safely recycled. In this mission, the deepest dive distance of the “Sea Wing” reached 6,329 meters. This data also set a new world record for the maximum dive depth of the water glider, providing a more advanced section for the Abyss in China. Test methods and basis.

Air gliders are different from airplanes. Most gliders do not have a power unit, which means there is no engine, so the glider needs other power to take off. When the glider is in the air, the driver looks for updrafts in the air by manipulating the direction, and when the glider encounters an updraft, it can continue to fly. When the updraft disappears, the glider will fly in one side while sliding, and continue to move forward with its own weight.

So, is it possible to follow the principle of water gliding in the deep sea? According to relevant experts, the water glider is an autonomous underwater unmanned submersible that can be driven by its own net buoyancy. It uses buoyancy as the propulsion power to achieve ascending and sinking, and is hydrodynamically driven by fixed wings. Underwater so-called “gliding” movement.

In other words, the “Sea Wing” water glider has a “small belly” that can change its buoyancy by controlling the size of the “belly” to achieve movement in the sea. In addition, outside the buoyancy engine of the water glider, there will be an airbag. When the engine injects oil into the airbag, as the airbag expands, the overall density of the glider will gradually decrease below the density of the seawater, thereby achieving the glider’s floating; The glider will sink into the water.

We all know that the pressure in the deep sea is very large. The water glides and moves under the sea several kilometers deep. To avoid being damaged by seawater pressure, the water glider must use a shell made of special pressure-resistant material. The “Sea Wing” 7000-meter water glider “puts on” the special outer garment made of lightweight carbon fiber material. The outer shell of this layer not only has strong pressure resistance, but also has very small quality, so as to carry more The battery provides space support.

When the water glider sinks into the deep sea under a few kilometers, is the transmission signal affected? In fact, it is not a water glider equipped with communication and navigation and positioning facilities. Through attitude control, the wire is lifted off the water surface to the maximum extent, and a stable communication channel is established with the satellite terminal, and the position, posture, state and search collection of the body are continuously transmitted. Various types of marine characteristics data.

The water glider is an ideal underwater observation device. Because of its low energy consumption, strong endurance, strong maneuverability, real-time performance, and relatively low manufacturing and maintenance costs, it can be reused and delivered in large quantities.

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