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Technology trivia:What is "planned scrap"

There is a magical hundred-year-old light bulb in a fire station in California. After the light bulb was lighted in 1901, it was extinguished for 22 minutes in 1976 because of the fire station relocation. The rest of the time kept working for more than 100 years. However, after research, it is found that this century-old light bulb is actually an ordinary household electric light, so why can't our life-saving light bulbs reach such a long life?

Technology trivia:What is
Technology trivia:What is "planned scrap"

This should start from 1924, when several giants such as Philips, Osram, and General Electric made a monopoly organization in Sweden, named "Sun God". In order to promote sales, they artificially limited the life of the lamp to a thousand hours. If the company's lamp life is too long, it will be fined, and this model is called "planned scrap." Although the organization collapsed in 1939, the "planned scrap" model is endless. Up to now, the life of ordinary light bulbs is only 1000 hours, and it has spread to many software and hardware industries. So, do you know what is still using the "plan scrapping" routine?


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