The latest research shows that “friends and wives can not be bullied” have their physiological basis. A study by the University of Missouri shows that testosterone levels in adult men decline when they are dealing with a close friend’s wife.

Emotional trivia:"Friends' wives can't be bullied". There is a physiological basis.
Emotional trivia:”Friends’ wives can’t be bullied”. There is a physiological basis.

Mark Flynn, a professor of anthropology at the University of Missouri who participated in the study, said: “Although men have many opportunities to pursue a friend’s partner, there are very few people who actually do this. But in partnership with potential sexual partners or enemies. In the past, men’s testosterone levels usually rise. Our research shows that men generally believe that they should respect the stable relationship between friends and their loved ones.” This shows that men do not compete for each other and are also subject to biological mechanisms. Understanding this is helpful in clarifying how people work together to form a group.

Professor Flynn said that from an evolutionary point of view, men who always betray their trust in their own friends and endanger family stability will put the entire group they belong into an unfavorable situation. And if the male members of the group don’t trust each other, they will be vulnerable to external attacks. The cost of losing a name is quite heavy, and the benefits of having a friend’s love and life are simply irreparable.

Professor Flynn said that this research conclusion may be beneficial to achieving world peace and cooperation. “Fundamentally, our study of male testosterone levels demonstrates how humans evolved to form alliances. Understanding human performance from a biological evolutionary perspective helps us find ways to solve global problems. If we put more of the planet As an independent human group, we are better able to deal with common threats, such as climate change.

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