There are often such shots in the movie, and A’s undercover is uncovered. Colleague B immediately gave him a shot. A comrade pretended to fall to the ground, and B students continued to install undercover.

Bulletproof clothing trivia:Is it dangerous at close range?
Bulletproof clothing trivia:Is it dangerous at close range?

In reality, the answer is no, now the most advanced body armor. It is also impossible to prevent rifle bullets in close range. In the case of close range, it is not even possible to prevent pistol bullets. Especially the perverted May Fourth pistol and the Desert Eagle.

And at 200 meters, bulletproof clothing even protects bullets. Nor can it protect the combatants very well. The high-volume rifle bullets have a large impulse, and it is hard for people who have experienced their own battles to imagine.

There was once an American soldier who hit the bulletproof vest because of bullets, although he did not penetrate the body armor. but
It shattered his five ribs, and the rib fragments were inserted into the heart and died immediately.

Bulletproof vests are more used to prevent shrapnel and stray bullets. In the middle and close range, in some cases, bulletproof vests sometimes cause more serious damage.

So don’t think that wearing a bulletproof vest, you will be invincible. Within 200 meters, you will die with a shot.

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