Earth trivia:What if the earth’s oxygen doubles?

The earth has been born for nearly 4.6 billion years. In this very long period of time, the…

The earth has been born for nearly 4.6 billion years. In this very long period of time, the earth’s ecological environment is changing every day, and every environmental change will cause the evolution and transformation of biology. It is necessary to know that the cruel law of nature is appropriate. Survival, human beings have lived in the ecological environment since millions of years ago, and the same is true of other species on the planet. But once the current ecological environment has undergone tremendous changes, there will be a large number of species extinctions in existing organisms, and some organisms will begin to evolve in order to adapt to the current environment.

Someone will ask the question: What happens to the Earth if the Earth’s oxygen doubles? Now we know that the Earth’s current oxygen content is about 21%, in which humans and other organisms adapt very well. Some people may also say that if the oxygen content is higher, is the air fresher? However, this is not the case. Everything will have a threshold, and exceeding this value will cause a huge disaster.

Earth trivia:What if the earth's oxygen doubles?
Earth trivia:What if the earth’s oxygen doubles?

According to scientists’ research, most of the organisms on the planet have a safe oxygen environment of more than 35%. Once this value is exceeded, oxygen poisoning will occur. If the oxygen on the earth doubles, the content will reach 41%. Thus, beyond the critical value of 35%, the earth will usher in a thorough cleaning.

If the oxygen content is doubled, it will not destroy all living things. Some organisms will change themselves in order to adapt to this change. They also change. The mammalian animals may become smaller, while the insects are smaller. Because it is breathing with the trachea, the exoskeleton will gradually become larger, then you will find that the body of the insects will become very large, which you never thought of before!

On the contrary, the size of the mammal will be relatively small, because mammals do not have the advantage of the food chain at this time, and the top of the food chain may become insects. Some people may say that Xiaobian is made up indiscriminately. In fact, this situation is scientifically based. Scientists say that the early Earth’s oxygen content is very high. Scientists called it Carboniferous, also known as the “mass era.” At that time, it was about 300 million years old. Because the atmospheric oxygen content was too high, the insects grew very large.

In fact, even in the Carboniferous, the atmospheric oxygen content at that time was only a little more than 35%. It is not a particularly ridiculous lock, and if we discuss the oxygen content of 41%, the situation can be quite serious. Human beings are completely safe to survive, and the outside world has become a world of insects. In addition to these insects, there must be some microorganisms that will multiply.

Having said this, I believe that everyone understands that if the oxygen content in the atmosphere doubles, if humans want to continue, the earth is no longer suitable for human survival, and the only hope of mankind can only find other suitable for human survival. Planet! The changes in nature are naturally invincible, and no one knows when the earth will change dramatically. When disaster strikes, it is only possible to solve it by relying on advanced science and technology.


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