There is a saying in the Bitcoin community that you still hear from time to time: countries can opt out of Bitcoin, but they can’t get rid of Bitcoin.

why? The fact is that you can’t write a set of laws against agreements that are far superior to human subjective legal systems. The government may “ban Bitcoin”, but their people will continue to use it. founder Akin Fernandez pointed out that Bitcoin is not different from WhatsApp because they are both software platforms that transfer data. WhatsApp now has more than one billion users, and there is no law specifically targeting it.

BTC trivia: law cannot ban Bitcoin
BTC trivia: law cannot ban Bitcoin

In addition, unlike fiat currencies, bitcoin transfers are based on a commitment and an irrevocable commitment. In other words, the software has been enforced by law and it has complied with the contract.

The unfortunate fact is that the goal of most countries is to regulate what they do not understand, and how do you write fair and practical laws against these codes?

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