With the popularization of e-commerce, online shopping has long been an essential part of people’s lives. Everyone has at least one kind of online shopping software installed on their phones, but even the same shopping app will have different targets for different people. The homepage recommends items, and you will find that these items are generally recently purchased, why is this?

The reason why online shopping platforms can recommend products to users so accurately is related to the personalized recommendation algorithm behind them. At the beginning of the development of the online shopping platform, there were fewer platform users, and the platform server did not have enough user data to support the personalized recommendation algorithm, which could only be compensated by the rich product types. At this time, for different users, although the online shopping platform cannot yet make personalized recommendations, based on the basic information of the previous user’s gender, age, and region, although different recommendations can be made for different ages and genders, the same type Of users will receive the same recommendations.

Shopping trivia: why e-commerce sites always know what you want to buy
Shopping trivia: why e-commerce sites always know what you want to buy

With the development of the Internet and smart phones, mobile phones have become a personal item that can completely anchor a natural person, so some operations of people on mobile phones have extremely high analytical value. The current shopping platform collects a large amount of user data, and the feedback to the server becomes a description of people. While we understand the network world, the network also understands us.

Online shopping platforms use mobile phone user data to describe users’ behaviors. They are called user portraits. For example, if you check the teaching materials on the shopping platform, the shopping platform will judge you as a student or other status based on age and gender information. If you stay in a certain product for a long time, the shopping platform will recommend you the same product again. The online shopping platform will also use various data labels such as consumption records, browsing records, search keywords, input method data, geographic locations, education and learning data, and online time to connect users into a collection of data. The online shopping platform constructs a virtual individual in the online world. Through this virtual individual, the online shopping platform can accurately understand your needs and quickly push what you need in front of you.

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