Quantum hegemony, on behalf of quantum computing devices, has shown that it surpasses all classic computers in specific test cases. The realization of quantum hegemony is an important milestone in the development of quantum computing. Evaluation dominates the standard and requires efficient quantum computing simulators that run on classic computers. In the post-quantum hegemony era, this simulator will also become an important tool to accelerate scientific research in quantum computing.

In September 2018, the research results of Wu Junjie’s team of National University of Defense Technology and Shanghai Jiaotong University Jin Xianmin were published online by the National Science Review.

Scientific trivia:What is quantum hegemony?
Scientific trivia:What is quantum hegemony?

On September 20, 2019, an internal research report by technology giant Google showed that the quantum computer it developed successfully completed the problem that traditional computers took 10,000 years to process in 3 minutes and 20 seconds, and claimed that it was the first time in the world to achieve ” Quantum hegemony. “

On November 4, 2019, the QUANTA team led by Wu Junjie of the School of Computer Science and Technology of National University of Defense Technology, the first to start hegemony research in the world, joined with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions such as Information Engineering University to propose a new algorithm for quantum computing simulation. The test performance of the algorithm on the “Tianhe II” supercomputer has reached the international leading level, and Google’s work also cited a preprinted version of the result.

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