It is an indisputable fact that climate warming is one of the culprits. According to statistics, 4 billion tons of cement are used every year worldwide, accounting for 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Therefore, people are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the use of concrete in buildings.

Cobiax from Germany has invented a plastic ball that can replace part of the concrete during construction.

Science Trivia:Germany replaces concrete buildings with plastic balls!
Science Trivia:Germany replaces concrete buildings with plastic balls!

It is made of renewable materials. Two locks become a hollow sphere. Using it to build a building can save about 35% of concrete.

First, fix them in a reinforced frame and arrange them closely. It is then fixed on the keel with steel bars. In the end, you’re done with concrete.

In fact, this construction method had been used in ancient Roman times, and a similar structure was used in the floor of the Pantheon.

Because concrete is reduced, the weight of the floor slab is also reduced, so that the ceiling can be designed with a larger span.

A building that requires many pillars to support a traditional building.

If this structure is adopted, it only needs a small number of supporting columns, which can allow the designer to make more plans.

At present, the two Sparkassen Versicherung buildings in Mannheim have adopted this method, reducing the amount of concrete by 1,613 tons, and thus reducing 136 tons of carbon dioxide. The building’s facade has been completed and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2020.

It is worth mentioning that this ball is not the first time it is used in a building, and more and more buildings have used this structure.

Such as the library and learning center in Vienna designed by Zaha. The Vagelos Education Center at Columbia University has also adopted this method.

In addition, this ball has three specifications, namely Cobiax EL and Cobiax SL, and Cobiax CLS, which can be selected according to the needs of the architectural design.

Germany made a ball that could replace concrete! With it, it can also reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.

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