In recent years, the term VR appears more and more frequently. When did the concept of such immersive devices come up? Today the editor of 3trivia will tell you.

The concept of virtual reality first appeared in the novel in 1932, but it was not until 1955 that someone prototyped a VR device prototype.

VR Trivia: How long was the VR concept first proposed?
VR Trivia: How long was the VR concept first proposed?

The earliest mention of the concept of virtual reality should be traced back to Aldous Huxley’s novel “Brave New World”, which was launched in 1932. This novel, based on the 26th century, describes the life scenes of people in the future society of mechanical civilization. The book mentions that “head-mounted devices can provide viewers with a series of sensory experiences such as images, smells, sounds, etc., so that viewers can better immerse themselves in the world of movies.” In 1955, 23 years later Only photographer Morton Heilig designed the prototype.

I just felt that people at that time had really advanced thinking. At that time, we can think of things that will appear in the future world.

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