Scientific research has found that normal use of VR headsets does not cause myopia, and VR devices have a similar effect on vision as tablet computers.

Some people think that the screen of VR device is so close to the eyes, will it cause myopia?

Actually, there is a misconception here. Although the lenses of VR devices are very close to the eyes, in reality, the focal length of human eyes is naturally relaxed. Instead of people looking at the computer eyes focus on a fixed screen, the eyes are tight for a long time down easy to cause myopia.

VR trivia: VR devices are as bad for vision as tablets.
VR trivia: VR devices are as bad for vision as tablets.

In may this year, Beijing future imaging high-tech innovation center, in collaboration with Beijing institute of technology and other institutions, conducted exploratory experiments and released the first “experimental summary report on the effects of long-term use of VR head-mounted display devices on the eyesight of young users”.

According to the preliminary experimental results, when VR devices are properly worn and appropriate VR content is selected, the final effect of using VR devices on the vision of young users is relatively positive.

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