The United States conducted the first human nuclear test in the desert of New Mexico on July 16, 1945. At that time, the United States declared that the purpose of this nuclear test was to end World War II. Of course, the purpose was also achieved. Since This is the first nuclear test of human beings, and so for the results and results of the experiment and what is about to happen, people do not know at all. Several theoretical physicists who recommended this experiment at the time performed various calculations, but everyone calculated the results. It ’s a bit different. Some people think this explosion will happen, some people some people will explosion like that, especially Enrico Fermi, Fermi’s paradox Fermi. He thought that the experiment could be destroyed. Human, because she thinks that once the nuclear fission occurs, it may ignite the atmosphere, and the entire atmosphere of the earth will be burned, but other physicists do n’t know without doing this experiment. Try it.

Experimental trivia: Trinity nuclear test that almost ruined human experiments
Experimental trivia: Trinity nuclear test that almost ruined human experiments

So I used an atomic bomb almost like the atomic bomb that detonated in the desert, and found that there were no serious consequences in the desert. Finally, twenty days after the nuclear test explosion, the United States really threw two atomic bombs at Japan. , Ended World War II, and fulfilled their promise, but the problem is that the United States ultimately left the world a difficult nuclear weapon that can never be erased. That is, the United States does not use nuclear weapons, and other countries will not use them. Whether or not the United States has developed nuclear weapons, I think that nuclear weapons will definitely appear in human history. I feel that the process of human development seems to have been ordered.

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