The Earth Civilization Exploration Project (SETI), then we introduced this project. He mainly explores extraterrestrial civilizations by receiving signals, but in fact there are many other parts in the plan, including sending signals, and receiving signals is not dangerous However, it is extremely dangerous to send signals. The Dark Forest Rule. Many astronomers led by Hawking are particularly opposed to sending signals to outer space. Hawking believes that our signals have been received by a highly civilized one? And this highly civilized again.

If the power comes to us, if we are finished, we will be destroyed in an instant. Why are you sure of this result? He said that you see that when the British went to the American continent, 90% of the Indians disappeared. He said that our planet will face the same problem. No matter how advanced it is, how advanced he is, their ideas are like that.

Experimental Trivia: SETI of Experiments That May Destroy Humans
Experimental Trivia: SETI of Experiments That May Destroy Humans

In fact, according to a simple inference, you will find that if in the forest, of course, you say that some people are humans and some are not humans, then you say something is wrong, hunter, right? As long as there is a hunter in this dark jungle, the rest must also become hunters in order to survive.

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