“What? You’ve still got your old iPhone 6? Jeez, get an upgrade” is not what you’d hear if you had this ridiculously expensive phone. If owning an Apple product wasn’t enough of a prime example of crass consumerist peacockery already, why not get one slathered in 24-carat gold, a platinum handset and a gigantic pink diamond plonked on the back? Oh right, the price tag.

Apple Trivia: See a phone that you want to vomit?

Falcon, purveyors of luxury crap, released the SuperNova iPhone Pink Diamond and sold a grand total of 2 units (that the author is aware of – one was sold to the wife of India’s richest man and another to co-owner of cricket team the Mumbai Indians, Nita Ambani).

Just two units sold? That’s a pretty poor sales team – until you realise that this netted Falcon a cool $97 million. Add to this the fact that they probably sold more than two in reality (most buyers would probably want to keep the fact they own a $43.5 million near-obsolete phone on the down low), this is a great example of an overly-blinged item that’ll soon be as useful as a mink fur-covered minidisc player.

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