Rope skipping trivia:The fastest skipping person in the world?

“World Championship Champion”, “World Record Holder”, “Guinness World Record Creator” … He, Cen Xiaolin, a 13-year-old rural teenager,…

“World Championship Champion”, “World Record Holder”, “Guinness World Record Creator” … He, Cen Xiaolin, a 13-year-old rural teenager, in the National Rope Jumping League, Asian Jumping Championship, and even the World Jumping Championship Repeatedly winning championships and breaking world records many times, he is a veritable world-class “rope skipper” and “light speed boy”! In the just-concluded 2018 World Rope Skipping Championship, Cen Xiaolin defended his supremacy in the field of speed skipping, increasing his single shake to 113 times in 30 seconds and 568 times in 3 minutes. He said that every achievement and honor can not be separated from sweat and hard work, and he always believes that there is nothing to gain but pay.

Cen Xiaolin is now studying in Huadong Middle School, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, and is a second-year student. As he maintains a dominant position in the field of speed skipping, holding a world record of 30 seconds and 3 minutes, it has also been hailed by the media as “the speed of light”.

Rope skipping trivia:The fastest skipping person in the world?
Rope skipping trivia:The fastest skipping person in the world?

When he was a child, Cen Xiaolin was very introverted and unwilling to communicate with his classmates or teachers. He said that joining the school (Qixing Elementary School) skipping team gave him a chance to change his life.

“Rope skipping changed me and gave me self-confidence.” Cen Xiaolin has always been grateful for skipping ropes. In the second grade of elementary school, Cen Xiaolin joined the school rope skipping team and began to learn rope skipping skills with physical education teacher Lai Xuanzhi. Every morning before class and after school in the afternoon, he trains harder than the rest of the team. After two years of training, Cen Xiaolin began to score. Teacher Lai found that he jumped faster and faster, far faster than his peers in the skipping team. In 2015, Cen Xiaolin went to the first World Student Rope Skipping Championships in Dubai. One person broke two world records and set a single jump of 110 seconds in 30 seconds (original record of 106 times) and a single jump of 548 in 3 minutes (530 original records). Every year since then, Cen Xiaolin is refreshing his results.

In the just-concluded 2018 World Rope Skipping Championship, Cen Xiaolin defended his supremacy in the field of speed skipping, increasing his single shake to 113 times in 30 seconds and 568 times in 3 minutes. When talking about the future, Cen Xiaolin said that he wants to go to sports school in the future. As a skipping coach, he will bring the sport of skipping to more people around him, so that everyone can participate in sports and contribute to healthy China.

Rope skipping is a sport that everyone can learn, but it takes very hard work to jump well and fast. Cen Xiaolin said that mistakes will inevitably occur during training. It is common to be injured by flying ropes, tripping over the ropes and smashing blood. It is also common to keep training every day. I ’ll get up and practice without any slackness … “I once wanted to give up because of training pains, because of the exhaustion of training, but whenever I saw my teammates working hard, there was a voice in my heart Say to myself: ‘To persist, you must prove to the world that you have defeated yourself.’ With this conviction, Cen Xiaolin challenged her limits time and time again, constantly improving her performance.

I first joined the skipping team for several reasons, first of all because of my own interest. He thinks that skipping is the simplest and most fun of all sports-you only need a jump rope to move, and the sports field is not restricted. “At that time, my sister joined the school’s rope skipping team, and I was not far behind, so I had to keep up with my sister.” Cen Xiaolin said that he can persist in learning rope skipping without the support and encouragement of his family. “When I first learned rope skipping, I went to ask my sister if I didn’t understand. She can be said to be one of my” Enlightenment Teachers. “

In addition to the usual hard work, Cen Xiaolin’s success is inseparable from the coach’s guidance and a set of methods to explore. He said that when he started to practice skipping, he didn’t jump well. His posture was wrong, and the coach couldn’t correct it. Later, while training, he observed the movements of his teammates, observed how they jumped nicely and quickly, and then combined his imagination to find out his own jumping method. In order to further improve, Cen Xiaolin also found videos of rope skipping players from all over the world. At the same time, he also asked the coach to shoot videos of each competition, comparing his own and other players’ rope skipping methods to complement each other.

As the so-called “no pressure and no motivation”, Cen Xiaolin and another flying skipping means Zhong Fei oppose each other: At the beginning, Cen Xiao Lin targeted Duan Zhongfei until he broke his record, and now it is time to prevent Duan Zhongfei Breaking their own records … they grow up while you chase after me.

It is through hard training that he finds a training method that suits himself and sets appropriate goals, so that Cen Xiaolin has the strength today, and he believes that it should be the same for other things. For example, in his studies, Kobayashi not only lost his studies because of skipping training, he even inspired by the progress of skipping to inspire himself with a progressive spirit. Kobayashi usually takes notes in class and consolidates exercises after class. If he doesn’t understand, ask a teacher or classmate. If it is because of the training, he will ask the teacher to help him in his free time. Slowly, his grade is also Go up.

Cen Xiaolin said that sports games are nothing more than three things: mentality, luck and strength. Fortunately, you can’t find it when you meet it; on strength, you are considered good; therefore, the mentality becomes the most critical factor for success.

During the competition, they often encountered various difficulties: for example, when they flew to the competition for the first time, they were dizzy and nauseated until the day of the competition due to airsickness; they challenged the impossible “Guinness China Night” and arrived in Beijing in the cold The weather brought a big blow to Kobayashi-due to the large temperature difference between North and South, Kobayashi’s feet had frostbite … But these difficulties were overcome by Cen Xiaolin, he told reporters that whenever he encountered difficulties, he would Thinking of what the coach said, “If you don’t advance against the water, you will retreat.” If you retreat here because of a little difficulty, he will lose faith and will never succeed in the future. He said that he could not live up to the opportunity provided by the school teacher to show himself. At the same time, he also represented the Chinese team. This is also a stage to show China to the world. In the end, for his perseverance and hard work, he won every medal, became the world champion, and became the world record holder.

In addition to having a strong conviction, it is also necessary to maintain common sense. Cen Xiaolin’s coach Lai Xuanzhi often told him that the most important thing for sports players is to maintain normality and not be disturbed by the outside world. In the competition, everyone’s strengths were almost the same, so it was a mentality, and maintaining a good mentality would not cause mistakes. For example, focusing on your goals is just like training, and you don’t think about what other opponents are chasing yourself, what kind of glory you need to achieve, and so on.

During the competition, reporters often come to interview. At the beginning, Cen Xiaolin said that he was very disgusted and was afraid of being disturbed. Later, he adjusted his mind so that he would not be disturbed even in an interview. He said that this is also one of the difficulties that athletes need to face. During the interview, the reporter found that Cen Xiaolin was a bit shy teenager. Every time he was recognized by others or praised by people around him, he felt embarrassed. Kobayashi said that he didn’t want to be bound by his reputation, and he wouldn’t be complacent about it. What he wanted most was that others treat him like ordinary people. Cen Xiaolin’s ordinary heart is the cornerstone of his success and a necessary condition for all sports players.


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