In a basketball game, when a team obtains new ball rights in the game, or when the ball is legally touched by a player on the court during a throw-in, the 24-second timer will start. The team that owns the ball must shoot within 24 seconds of getting the ball.

In 1954, Danny Biasone, the owner of the Yilaqiu Nationals, “invented” the extended 24-second attack time limit. With this invention across the ages, he completely changed the face of the NBA game and thus entered the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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NBA Trivia: How long does the NBA 24 second timer introduce into the league

It is said that the NBA was established in 1946 and there was no time limit for offense. As the competition became more and more fierce, winning and losing became more and more important, the rhythm of the teams became slower and slower. In 1951, the NBA finally showed an unprecedented score of 19 to 18. The bosses know that if they go on like this, they just wait for death. Who wants to watch a 48-minute game where the two teams only scored 37 points and played more than two hours.

Danny told the president that baseball has three outs per game, rugby has four yards of offense, and only basketball has no restrictions on offense. As long as you like to drag, you can drag on as long as you want. You must find a solution. He suggested that a meeting be held in the summer of 1954 to study the solution.

Danny himself doesn’t play basketball, but he loves basketball very much. After studying the technical statistics of many games, he found that each team averaged about 60 shots per game. That is to say, the two teams have to make about 120 shots in a game, each time the ball 48 minutes multiplied by 60 seconds equals 2880 seconds. 2880 seconds divided by 120, which is exactly 24 seconds.

But this is only Danny’s personal opinion, he believes that the attack time limit can be set to 20 seconds or 30 seconds. But the bosses think Danny’s suggestions are very reasonable, and they all said: “Danny, since this is your idea, then 24 seconds.”

Danny gathered the bosses of the teams and got players to demonstrate, let everyone see what happened in the game with a 24-second offense. At that time, there was no 24 timer. Danny used his watch to time. As soon as 24 seconds came, he called “stop!”, and the offensive team must hand over the ball. Surprisingly, the game is very smooth, players not only need not panic shots, they can even use 24 seconds to complete very good tactics.

There is no problem with theory and practice. One month later, the alliance requested a telephone vote, and the result was unanimous. However, the bosses of each team still have doubts, asking the preseason to still use a watch to time. Until the regular season starts, each team will order a 24-second timer to avoid wasting money.

In this way, 24 seconds was born, and has been extended, no one has doubts, and no one advocates modification.

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